2016 Jeep Cherokee Tow Capacity

The 2016 Jeep Cherokee is a popular compact SUV that offers a nice balance of on-road comfort and off-road capability. With its available towing package, the Cherokee can pull a decent-sized trailer or camper, making it a versatile choice for outdoorsy buyers.

But exactly how much can the 2016 Cherokee tow? That’s an important question for anyone who plans to do some recreational towing with their vehicle.

2016 Jeep Cherokee Tow Capacity

2016 Jeep Cherokee Tow Capacity

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the 2016 Jeep Cherokee’s towing capacity, including:

Whether you already own a 2016 Cherokee or are shopping for one, this detailed towing guide will tell you everything you need to confidently haul your toys. Let’s get started!

How Much You Can Tow with 2016 Jeep Cherokee?

The short answer is that the 2016 Jeep Cherokee has a maximum towing capacity of 4,500 pounds when properly equipped with the available towing package. Without the tow package, towing is limited to 2,000 pounds.

So to achieve that full 4,500-pound rating, you’ll need to opt for the Cherokee’s towing prep package. This adds necessary hardware like a transmission oil cooler, wiring harness, and a Class III hitch receiver.

Keep in mind that your real-world towing capacity may be lower, depending on factors like passengers and payload weight, trailer tongue load, inclines, and driving conditions.

As always, be sure to consult your owner’s manual for Cherokee-specific towing info.

2016 Jeep Cherokee Tow Package

Since the tow package unlocks the Cherokee’s max tow rating, it’s an essential upgrade for owners who plan to do serious towing.

Jeep Cherokee Trailer Tow Package Includes:

  • Class III hitch receiver: Sturdy 2″ receiver opens up heavier towing capabilities.
  • 4 & 7-pin wiring harness: Powers trailer brake lights, turn signals, and charge line.
  • Auxiliary transmission oil cooler: Prevents overheating when towing uphill.
  • Full-size spare tire: Provides backup in case of blowout.
  • Heavy-duty engine cooling & alternator: Maintains ideal temps under load.

With all of that onboard, your properly-equipped 2016 Cherokee can confidently pull a loaded trailer or boat without issue. Note that the tow package is not installed at the factory, but your dealership can handle the installation if you don’t buy a Cherokee that already has it equipped.

Towing Capacity By Engine Type

One major factor that impacts the 2016 Jeep Cherokee’s tow rating is engine choice. For 2016, Cherokee buyers could choose from two available engines:

  • 2.4L Tigershark MultiAir® I4
  • 3.2L Pentastar V6

The standard 2.4L four cylinder engine is perfectly adequate for everyday driving. But for max towing power, you’ll want to step up to the available 3.2L V6. Here is how tow ratings shake out by engine:

2016 Jeep Cherokee Towing Capacity:

Engine Towing Capacity
2.4L Tigershark I4 2,000 lbs
3.2L Pentastar V6 4,500 lbs*

*With an optional towing package

So if you select the V6 engine and add the tow package, your 2016 Cherokee can tow up to 4,500 pounds. That gives you enough muscle to tow a decently sized camper or boat without issue.

The standard four cylinder can still tow up to 2,000 pounds in a pinch. But for regular or max capacity towing, the V6 paired with the tow prep package is the way to go on the 2016 Jeep Cherokee.

Cherokee Towing Capacity vs Competitors

Even though the compact SUV segment is packed with contenders, the 2016 Cherokee holds up very well when it comes to towing bragging rights against rivals like the:

  • Chevrolet Equinox
  • Honda CR-V
  • Hyundai Santa Fe Sport

Check out this handy towing capacity scorecard when cross-shopping the Cherokee against these compact SUV rivals:

Vehicle Max Towing Capacity
2016 Jeep Cherokee 4,500 lbs
2016 Chevrolet Equinox 3,500 lbs
2016 Honda CR-V 1,500 lbs
2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport 2,000 lbs

With best-in-class tow ratings of up to 4,500 pounds, the 2016 Jeep Cherokee dominates when it comes to towing brawn in this competitive set. Only the Chevy Equinox comes close to matching the Cherokee, lagging behind by 1,000 pounds.

So if towing capacity is a big priority in your compact SUV search, the 2016 Cherokee delivers an impressive punch. Pair the available V6 with the tow package, and you’ll have class-leading trailer towing chops.

2016 Jeep Towing Chart

While we’ve focused on the Cherokee here, choosing the right Jeep to suit your towing needs depends on intended usage across the model range.

Here’s a handy 2016 Jeep towing capacity chart for quick reference:

2016 Jeep Model Max Towing Capacity
Jeep Grand Cherokee 7,200 lbs
Jeep Wrangler 3,500 lbs
Jeep Cherokee 4,500 lbs*
Jeep Compass 2,000 lbs
Jeep Renegade 2,000 lbs

*With max tow package

Without question, the Grand Cherokee is the towing champ of the 2016 Jeep SUV family. But among lighter-duty models, the Cherokee can handle itself very well with a generous max rating of 4,500 pounds.

So use this handy 2016 towing guide to help choose the right Jeep for your needs. Whether you’re towing jet skis, a camper, or need max trailer capacity, a properly equipped Jeep SUV has you covered.

FAQs About 2016 Cherokee Towing:

Tow ratings and packages can get confusing in a hurry. So to help decode Cherokee towing, here are answers to 10 frequently asked questions:

  • Does my Cherokee have the tow package?

Check for a Class III hitch receiver and a trailer wiring harness plug near the rear bumper. This indicates it’s equipped for heavier towing.

  • What’s the max tongue weight for a 2016 Cherokee?

Tongue weight shouldn’t exceed 10-15% of the total tow rating. With max towing, target 450-675 pounds of tongue weight.

  • How much can I tow without a tow package?

Don’t exceed 2,000 pounds of towing without the extra transmission and engine cooling.

  • Can I flat tow a 2016 Cherokee?

No. The Cherokee’s powertrain could be damaged without proper equipment for dinghy towing behind an RV.

  • Will towing impact my gas mileage?

Expect MPG to decrease by 15% or more when towing at or near max capacity. Reduce speed and buy premium fuel to offset this somewhat.

  • What size trailer can a properly equipped Cherokee tow?

With max towing, the Cherokee can handle a trailer around 21 feet comfortably. Ensure GVWR, tongue weight, and other limits are checked out.

  • How do I know if my hitch and wiring are rated for 4,500 lbs?

Consult your owner’s manual. Aftermarket hitches and wiring must have equal or great weight ratings to match factory max towing.

  • Will the V6 engine offer noticeably better acceleration while towing?

Absolutely. The extra 130 lb-ft of torque and nearly double the horsepower of the I4 give a huge advantage when towing uphill or at speed.

  • Should I get sway control or extra mirrors for 4,500 lb towing?

Sway control and extended mirrors are smart additions for heavier trailers vulnerable to swaying or visibility issues when turning or merging.

  • How can I improve trailer stability behind my Cherokee?

Proper weight distribution and tongue weight are key, along with sway bars and mirrors. Drop speed to improve stability in windy conditions.

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Source: https://www.jeep.com/cherokee.html


We’ve covered all the key details about the 2016 Jeep Cherokee’s impressive towing capabilities.

The 2016 Jeep Cherokee backs up its rugged looks and off-road talent with useful on-road towing brawn. Equipped properly with the towing package and Pentastar V6 engine, the versatile Cherokee can confidently pull loads of up to 4,500 pounds.

That gives you all the muscle necessary to enjoy toys like boats, Jet Skis, dirt bikes, or a midsize camper.

We hope this detailed guide gives you all the essential info and towing pointers needed to get the most out of your 2016 Cherokee.

Hit the trails in confidence and bring your toys along for the adventure with Jeep Cherokee’s generous towing skills!

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