2023 Ford F-350 Towing Capacity

When it comes to towing massive trailers and equipment, few pickups can match the mighty capability of the 2023 Ford F-350 Super Duty. Thanks to its beefed-up chassis, brute strength powertrains, and smart towing tech, this heavy-duty truck sets the benchmark for extreme towing durability.

Properly equipped, the F-350 can tow up to an incredible 35,750 pounds with a fifth wheel or gooseneck trailer setup. And even for conventional bumper towing, it boasts a maximum capacity of 21,000 pounds. These impressive ratings allow owners to securely and confidently haul even the largest horse trailers, 5th-wheel RVs, skid steers, and more.

Under the hood, the Super Duty packs a standard 6.2L gas V8 or an available PowerStroke 6.7L Turbo Diesel. The latter churns out 1000 lb-ft of pavement-ripping torque to help tame the biggest loads over long distances. Further towing assistance comes from the available Pro Trailer Backup Assist system which makes backing up with a trailer simple.

When your livelihood or off-grid adventures depend on towing capacity measured in tons rather than pounds, the legendary capability of the 2023 Ford F-350 provides the muscle, durability, and stamina to shoulder the load. It continues to set the pace in the high capacity towing pickup segment thanks to Ford’s decades of truck expertise at work.

2023 Ford F-350 Towing Capacity

2023 Ford F-350 Towing Capacity

By the end, you’ll have a complete understanding of how much the new F-350 can tow so you can determine if it meets your needs.

How Much Can the 2023 Ford F-350 Tow?

The maximum towing capacity of the 2023 Ford F-350 pickup truck is 35,750 pounds when configured for fifth wheel/gooseneck towing.

This gives the new F-350 the strength to pull massive fifth wheel travel trailers, horse trailers, boating equipment, heavy construction machinery, and more. It’s why Ford labels the Super Duty line as the “king of work”.

To give you an idea of how much 35,750 pounds equates to, it’s over 17 tons.

The F-350 was designed for the most demanding towing jobs out there. Even at its max tow rating, the truck has the raw torque and robust chassis to accelerate and control huge loads.

Of course, the truck has to be properly equipped to reach that 35,750 lb fifth wheel/gooseneck rating. Factors like cab configuration, powertrain, axle ratio, and installed towing equipment make a difference.

For conventional, bumper towing, the maximum capacity is less but still impressive at 21,000 pounds. Again, this requires the right configuration and equipment.

In short, if you need to pull the very biggest, heaviest trailers and equipment, the F-350 is up to the task when outfitted with heavy-duty towing gear.

Conventional vs Gooseneck/5th Wheel Towing Capacity

  • Maximum Conventional Towing: 21,000 lbs
  • Maximum Gooseneck/5th Wheel Towing: 35,750 lbs

The type of trailer and hitch setup makes a big impact on your real-world towing ability. Let’s compare conventional vs gooseneck/5th wheel towing and why the capacities differ:

Conventional Towing Capacity

This refers to towing a trailer using a simple ball hitch secured in the truck bed or bumper. Travel trailers, boat trailers, RV trailers, and enclosed car haulers are common conventional-style trailers.

With the proper equipment, the F-350 can handle up to 21,000 pounds of conventional towing. This requires a robust receiver hitch mounted to the frame, a 7-pin wiring connector, a heavy-duty trailer brake controller, and a supplemental transmission cooler.

Conventional towing puts more strain on the rear of the truck. The trailer tongue weight presses down directly on the rear axle. This makes stability and control more difficult compared to gooseneck/5th wheel towing.

Gooseneck and 5th Wheel Towing Capacity

Gooseneck hitches mount a ball coupler directly in the center of the truck bed. A short gooseneck arm connects to the trailer for improved maneuverability and weight distribution.

5th wheel hitches are also installed in the bed to create a centralized hitch point. However, the trailer connects via a large horseshoe-shaped coupling device for enhanced stability under load.

Together, gooseneck and 5th wheel towing make it possible to safely manage heavier trailers than conventional towing. The 35,750 lb max tow rating on the F-350 applies to combined gooseneck/5th wheel towing capacity.

With a gooseneck or 5th wheel hitch, the trailer weight gets distributed across all axles, not just the rear. This greatly improves handling, brake performance and overall towing confidence.

If you plan to tow over 21,000 pounds regularly, a gooseneck or 5th wheel setup is a must. That’s why Ford engineered the F-350 for such high tow capacity using these hitch systems.

2023 Ford F-350 Tow Package

The 2023 Ford F-350 is not equipped with a built-in tow package. However, it is available with a variety of towing accessory packages through your dealership.

These official Ford towing packages provide all the necessary equipment to enhance towing ability and safety while supporting the maximum capacities.

Here are the key accessories that are included:

  • Heavy-Duty Trailer Tow Package – Upgraded receiver hitch, 7-pin wiring harness, auxiliary transmission oil cooler
  • Gooseneck / 5th Wheel Prep Package – Custom bed hitch mounting system
  • Ultimate Trailer Tow Camera System – 360-degree camera views for easier hitching and maneuvering
  • Integrated Trailer Brake Controller – For smooth, reliable trailer braking

You’ll want to select the tow package that fits your needs. The heavy-duty trailer tow package focuses on conventional towing. Meanwhile, the gooseneck/5th wheel package is ideal for serious towing over 21,000 lbs.

Keep in mind that towing equipment affects overall payload capacity. Work with your dealer to spec out the right tow package based on your truck’s configuration.

Installing an aftermarket tow package could potentially void portions of your Ford factory warranty. Stick with the official factory towing accessories for guaranteed compatibility and safety.

2023 Ford F-350 Towing Capacity By Engine Type

The 2023 Ford F-350 offers exceptional towing capacities across all three available engine options:

6.7L PowerStroke V8 Turbo Diesel

  • Max Towing: 35,750 lbs (5th Wheel/Gooseneck)
  • Best for: Heavy towing over long distances
  • Notes: High torque rating supports extreme towing loads

7.3L V8 Gas

  • Max Towing: 21,200 lbs (5th Wheel/Gooseneck)
  • Best for: Strong towing capacity without diesel
  • Notes: Greater torque than 6.2L gas V8 engine

6.2L V8 Gas

  • Max Towing: 16,700 lbs (5th Wheel/Gooseneck)
  • Best for: Lighter duty towing to balance capability and affordability
  • Notes: Proven V8 workhorse with ample strength for average trailers

The available 6.7L Turbo Diesel delivers best-in-class torque for conquering extremely heavy long hauls. But the gas V8 options allow configuring towing capacity based on needs.

When equipped with special towing packages, even the base 6.2L V8 provides sufficient muscle for towing large travel trailers, horse trailers and deck boats.

As always, real-world towing ability depends on proper truck preparation and working within capacity ratings specific to your configuration.

No matter which engine you select, the F-350 can be customized into a towing powerhouse. Carefully considering your needs and budget will ensure you get the ideal pickup for towing and hauling duties.

2023 Ford F-350 Towing Capacity vs Competitors

The Ford F-350 continues holding its own in terms of max tow ratings against key rivals. Here’s how the 2023 model compares:

  • 2023 Ford F-350 – 35,750 pounds
  • 2023 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 – 36,000 pounds
  • 2023 Ram 3500 – 37,090 pounds
  • 2023 GMC Sierra 3500 – 36,000 pounds

The Ram 3500 holds the highest max 5th wheel/gooseneck towing crown for now. But Ford has a long history of rugged towing performance, advanced tech features, and renowned capability that keeps it competitive.

And while the Silverado and Sierra have a slight edge on paper, most owners towing near capacity limits will find the differences negligible in the real world. More importantly, brand loyalty and pricing ultimately drive buying decisions in the heavy-duty pickup segment.

Make no mistake – the F-350 is a dominant towing machine designed to manage incredible loads while retaining comfort, safety, and convenience. Whether you need to haul 20,000 lbs or 30,000+ lbs frequently, this pickup has the strength and stamina to get it done.

When it comes to all-around capability, value, and driver experience, the 2023 Ford F-350 is ready to work as hard as its owners do.

2023 Ford Trucks Towing Capacity Chart

Here’s a quick reference chart showing max conventional towing capacities by the 2023 Ford truck model compared to the F-350:

Model Max Towing Capacity
2023 Ford Ranger 7,500 lbs
2023 Ford F-150 14,000 lbs
2023 Ford F-250 22,800 lbs
2023 Ford F-350 21,000 lbs
2023 Ford F-150 Lightning 10,000 lbs

The F-350 tops the list for max conventional towing capacity at 21,000 pounds when properly equipped.

For 5th wheel and gooseneck trailers, that number climbs even higher to 35,750 pounds for the F-350.

No other truck in Ford’s 2023 lineup can match the F-350 for extreme towing durability, muscle, and stamina. It truly dominates the heavy hauling pickup segment.

So if you have big trailers or heavy equipment to regularly tow, the F-350 is Purpose Built Ford Tough engineering at its finest. This workhorse has the sheer strength to take on even the most punishing towing missions while retaining comfort and modern features.

FAQs on 2023 Ford F-350 Towing Capacity:

  • 1. What is the maximum conventional towing capacity for the 2023 Ford F-350?

The maximum conventional towing capacity is 21,000 pounds when properly equipped.

  • 2. What is the maximum 5th wheel/gooseneck towing capacity?

The maximum 5th wheel/gooseneck towing capacity is 35,750 pounds when properly equipped.

  • 3. Which cab configurations can achieve the highest tow ratings?

The Regular Cab models have the highest towing capacities, followed by SuperCab and then Crew Cab configurations.

  • 4. Which engine has the greatest towing capacity?

The 6.7L PowerStroke Turbo Diesel V8 engine offers the highest tow rating at 35,750 pounds.

  • 5. What is the max payload capacity?

The maximum payload capacity is up to 7,850 pounds.

  • 6. Does towing capacity decrease as payload goes up?

Yes, payload capacity and towing capacity are related. As you approach max payload, available towing capacity decreases.

  • 7. What is GCWR?

GCWR stands for Gross Combined Weight Rating. It is the maximum allowable combined weight of the vehicle and trailer.

  • 8. What is the maximum GCWR for an F-350?

The GCWR can reach 43,500 lbs on certain F-350 truck configurations – but confirm your vehicle’s Rating Capacities tag.

  • 9. Is an aftermarket tow package recommended?

No, always use the factory Ford towing packages to avoid potential warranty issues.

  • 10. What safety features help with towing?

Available features like the Ultimate Trailer Tow Camera System, integrated trailer brake controller, and BLIS blind spot sensors all make towing safer.

Source: https://www.ford.com/trucks/super-duty


We’ve explored everything you need to know about the impressive towing capabilities of the 2023 Ford F-350 pickup. This Purpose Built Ford Tough heavy-duty truck sets the benchmark for extreme towing durability in the over 35,000 pound range.

Between conventional and gooseneck/5th wheel applications, few challengers can match the F-350 for sheer strength, stability, and control under massive loads. Robust frame rails, beefy axles, and brute force powertrains supply the muscle for taming high capacity towing jobs day in and day out.

Clever tech features provide the convenience and safety that make getting work done easier than ever too. Towing cameras, cargo lighting, integrated brake controllers, and terrain management give drivers the confidence to take on any assignment while staying comfortable and focused.

If you demand a pickup ready for the demands of hauling massive freight safely over long stretches, the 2023 Ford F-350 stands ready. This capable truck carries forth its legacy as the preferred high-capacity towing machine by all kinds of drivers doing all kinds of jobs.

In short, for those who work and play as hard as they push their trucks, the F-350 continues its reign at the front of the heavy-duty pickup pack.

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