About Us

Tow Capacity Guru was founded in 2024 by Mithilesh Chaubey, an automotive enthusiast based in the USA, Canada, and India.

After spending years researching vehicles and their towing capacities, Mithilesh noticed a lack of reliable, easy-to-understand information on this topic online.

About Us

This inspired him to create Tow Capacity Guru and share his knowledge and expertise.

Our Vision

The vision of Tow Capacity Guru is to provide readers worldwide with genuine, real-life towing capacity information and payload specs for all types of vehicles. We aim to create the most comprehensive and trusted source of towing data on cars, trucks, SUVs, and more.

With large vehicles and towing culture growing rapidly across the USA, Canada, India, and beyond, our founder saw a need for a centralized site consolidating tow rating stats, max trailer weights, towing tips, and best practices in one place. Here you’ll find all that and more.

Our Focus

We focus specifically on maximum towing and payload capacities as set by manufacturers. You’ll find towing specs, curb weights, gross vehicle weight ratings (GVWRs) and more based on trim, drivetrain, cab style for trucks, and other variables.

We also cover:

  • Towing basics – beginner guides, glossary of terms, how-tos.
  • Trailer weight calculations, tips for safe towing.
  • Towing capacity by year, make & model.
  • Reviews of top tow vehicles.
  • The best SUVs, trucks & more for towing.
  • Trailer hitches & towing accessories.

As full-time RVers and automotive enthusiasts, we live and breathe this stuff! Our founder’s first-hand experience towing travel trailers and more allows us to provide unique insights you won’t find elsewhere.

Meet Our Founder: Mithilesh Chaubey

The founder of Tow Capacity Guru is Mithilesh (Mike) Chaubey, an entrepreneur with a lifelong passion for vehicles. Originally from India, Mithilesh did his undergrad in computer applications before moving to Canada in 2008. He is currently based in India.

After towing travel trailers and trucks across North America on RV trips, Mithilesh saw a need for easier access to reliable tow rating information. He began extensively researching manufacturer towing stats, vehicle specs, towing related gear, and more – a hobby that later evolved into Tow Capacity Guru.

When he’s not working on the site, Mithilesh enjoys outdoor activities like hiking, off-roading, water sports, and snowboarding with his son who is a lawyer running “BestLawAdvisors.com“. Travel and adventure have always been a part of his life. He brings this nomadic spirit and curiosity to Tow Capacity Guru.

The Tow Capacity Guru Difference

What sets us apart from other automotive sites? Here are a few unique advantages you’ll find at Tow Capacity Guru:

  • Credible Data – Our tow specs come straight from auto manufacturers and can be verified through owners’ manuals. You’ll get the real numbers you can trust.
  • Focus on Towing – You won’t find detailed reviews, off-road stats, etc. We zero in on manufacturer tow ratings and payload so you get the answers you need without the fluff.
  • Real-World Experience – Ever towed 7,000 pounds up a 6% grade in a diesel truck? We have! Our first-hand insight helps inform our advice.
  • Active Community – Have a towing question? Join our active forums to get feedback from fellow members and site staff.
  • Ongoing Updates – Vehicle specs change yearly. As new models are released we update tow ratings so you always have current info.

Our goal is to provide the most credible, focused towing advice possible for drivers, RVers, fleet operators, and anyone towing a trailer. If we can clarify tow rating confusion or help prevent a dangerous over-loaded trailer, we’ve done our job!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime at info.bulletintech@gmail.com. We also invite you to join the conversation on our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter at @TowCapacityGuru.

Happy and safe towing!