2023 Toyota Tacoma Towing Capacity

Are you in the market for a tough, capable midsize pickup truck that can tow some serious weight? Look no further than the 2023 Toyota Tacoma.

This rugged pickup may not be the first one that comes to mind for heavy towing jobs, but it deserves your consideration.

The Tacoma has impressive towing chops, especially when properly equipped. Different engine options and configurations affect the max tow rating, so choosing the right setup for your needs is important.

Don’t worry though – we’ll break it all down in this article. By the end, you’ll be a Tacoma towing expert!

2023 Toyota Tacoma Towing Capacity

2023 Toyota Tacoma Towing Capacity

Whether you need to pull equipment for work, haul toys on the weekend, or tow a small car, the 2023 Toyota Tacoma likely has a model up to the task.

So let’s dive in and explore the towing capabilities of this tough Toyota truck.

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2023 Toyota Tacoma Engine Options

The towing capacity of the 2023 Toyota Tacoma depends a lot on which engine you choose.

Toyota offers two solid options:

  • 2.7L 4-cylinder engine
  • 3.5L V6 engine

The 4-cylinder is the base engine on the entry-level SR trim. It’s designed more for fuel efficiency than towing power.

But the available V6 is where the Tacoma’s towing capabilities shine. Let’s take a closer look at what each engine can do.

4-Cylinder Tacoma Towing Capacity

The 2.7L 4-cylinder engine in the base 2023 Tacoma SR produces:

  • 159 horsepower
  • 180 lb-ft of torque

When properly equipped, a 4-cylinder Tacoma can tow up to 3,500 pounds.

That’s enough for things like:

  • Small utility trailers
  • Lightweight boats
  • Motorcycle/ATV trailers

So while the 4-cylinder isn’t a heavy-duty tow rig, it provides decent towing ability for a midsize pickup. It’s a good choice if you have lighter loads to pull and want better fuel economy from your truck.

V6 Tacoma Towing Capacity

Stepping up to the 3.5L V6 engine unlocks the 2023 Tacoma’s maximum towing potential.

The V6 cranks out:

  • 278 horsepower
  • 265 lb-ft of torque

That extra power allows a properly equipped V6 Tacoma to tow up to 6,800 pounds.

Some examples of what it could tow:

  • Larger utility trailers
  • Compact/midsize travel trailers
  • Boats in the 20-25 foot range
  • Car trailers (for towing a small vehicle)

The V6 Tacoma is a very capable tow rig for a midsize pickup. If you routinely tow heavier loads, this is likely the engine you’ll want in your Tacoma. Just be aware that the max tow rating also depends on other factors like cab style, bed length, and drivetrain.

Maximizing Your Tacoma’s Tow Rating

To achieve the Tacoma’s maximum tow rating of 6,800 pounds with the V6 engine, you need to get a truck with the right configuration:

  • Access Cab body style
  • 6-foot bed
  • Rear-wheel drive (4×2)
  • Automatic transmission

You’ll also want to add the Tacoma Towing Package, which includes:

  • Class-IV tow hitch receiver
  • 4 & 7-pin wiring harness
  • Transmission cooler
  • Engine oil cooler
  • 130-amp alternator
  • Trailer Sway Control

These upgrades help the Tacoma tow at its full potential. The various coolers prevent overheating under load. The hitch, wiring, and sway control make towing safer and more stable. And the heavy-duty alternator provides enough electrical power for the trailer lights and brakes.

Getting the tow package is highly recommended if you plan to tow often with your Tacoma. It’s available on V6 models in the SR5, TRD Sport, TRD Off-Road, and Limited trims.

2023 Tacoma Tow Ratings by Configuration

The max tow ratings for the 2023 Toyota Tacoma vary based on the cab style, bed length, engine, and drivetrain. Here’s a chart breaking down the different limits:

Configuration Tow Limit
Access Cab, 6′ Bed, 4-Cyl 4×2 3,500 lbs
Access Cab, 6′ Bed, 4-Cyl 4×4 3,500 lbs
Access Cab, 6′ Bed, V6 4×2 6,800 lbs
Access Cab, 6′ Bed, V6 4×4 6,500 lbs
Double Cab, 5′ Bed, V6 4×2 6,700 lbs
Double Cab, 5′ Bed, V6 4×4 6,400 lbs
Double Cab, 6′ Bed, V6 4×2 6,700 lbs
Double Cab, 6′ Bed, V6 4×4 6,400 lbs

As you can see, the towing capacity drops a bit as you add a 4-wheel drive or switch to the larger Double Cab. But even the lowest-rated V6 model can still tow a very respectable 6,400 pounds.

No matter which configuration you choose, the V6 Tacoma provides excellent towing abilities for a midsize truck. But if you want the absolute max capacity, stick with a 4×2 Access Cab.

Towing Tech in the Tacoma

The 2023 Tacoma offers some helpful technology features to make towing easier and safer:

  • Trailer Sway Control (TSC): Uses the brakes and engine torque to counteract trailer sway and keep everything stable.
  • Integrated Trailer Brake Controller: Allows you to adjust the trailer’s brakes from the Tacoma’s cabin.
  • Tow/Haul Mode: Changes the transmission shift points to optimize performance when towing or hauling heavy loads.
  • Blind Spot Monitor with Rear Cross Traffic Alert: Warns you if a vehicle is in your blind spot or approaching from the side while backing up. Extra helpful when towing.
  • Panoramic View Monitor: Provides a 360° overhead view to help with parking and maneuvering in tight spaces.

These towing tech features are available on certain V6 Tacoma trims, usually bundled with the tow package or other option groups. They provide some extra confidence and control when pulling a trailer with your Tacoma.

Frequently Asked Towing Questions

Let’s address some common questions about towing with the Toyota Tacoma:

  • Q: Can a Tacoma tow 7,000 lbs?

A: No, the maximum tow rating for any 2023 Tacoma configuration is 6,800 pounds. Attempting to tow more than the max rating is unsafe and not recommended.

  • Q: Can a Tacoma tow a camper?

A: Yes, if the camper’s weight is within the Tacoma’s towing capacity. Many smaller travel trailers, pop-up campers, and teardrop campers are under 6,800 pounds and can be safely towed by a V6 Tacoma.

  • Q: Can a Tacoma tow a boat?

A: Yes, again as long as the boat and trailer are within the truck’s limits. Most ski boats, fishing boats, and small-to-midsize family boats are towable with a V6 Tacoma.

  • Q: Can a 4-cylinder Tacoma tow?

A: Yes, but only up to 3,500 pounds. The 4-cylinder is adequate for small utility trailers, lightweight boats, and small campers. For heavier towing, you’ll want the V6 engine.

  • Q: Does the Tacoma have a tow package?

A: Yes, the tow package is optional on V6 models. It includes a hitch receiver, wiring harness, transmission cooler, engine oil cooler, alternator upgrade, and Trailer Sway Control.

  • Q: What is the Tacoma’s tongue weight capacity?

A: Tongue weight should be 10-15% of the trailer’s total weight. So for the max tow rating of 6,800 lbs, the tongue weight should be between 680-1,020 lbs. Always check your Tacoma’s owner’s manual for specific tongue weight limits.

Keep these FAQs in mind when considering Tacoma’s towing capabilities. As always, consult your owner’s manual for detailed towing instructions and limitations before pulling a trailer.

Tacoma Towing Capacities Through the Years

The towing capacity of the Toyota Tacoma has remained fairly consistent in recent years, thanks to the same capable V6 engine being used.

Here’s a look at the max tow ratings going back to 2016:

Model Year Max Tow Rating
2023 6,800 lbs
2022 6,800 lbs
2021 6,800 lbs
2020 6,800 lbs
2019 6,800 lbs
2018 6,800 lbs
2017 6,800 lbs
2016 6,800 lbs

As you can see, any V6 Tacoma from the last several years will give you the same 6,800-pound max tow rating when properly equipped. That’s great news if you’re considering a used Tacoma for towing duties.

Of course, older model years may have different engine options, cab configurations, and towing tech.

So it’s important to check the specific capacities and features of any used Tacoma you’re considering.

But in general, recent model year V6 Tacomas provide very consistent and capable towing performance.


The 2023 Toyota Tacoma is an excellent choice for a midsize pickup with serious towing chops. When equipped with the available V6 engine and towing package, it can pull up to 6,800 pounds. That’s enough capability for a wide range of trailering needs.

Whether you’re looking at a brand new Tacoma or a recent model year used truck, you can expect the same stout towing performance from the V6 models. Just be sure to choose the right cab style, bed length, and drivetrain to fit your specific towing requirements.

Want max towing muscle? Go for a V6 Access Cab 4×2. Need an efficient daily driver who can still pull a small trailer? The 4-cylinder will get the job done. No matter which Tacoma you choose, you’ll be getting one of the most capable tow rigs in the midsize truck segment.

So hitch up that trailer with confidence and hit the road – your Tacoma can handle it. From jobsites to campsites and everywhere in between, this tough Toyota truck is ready to tackle your towing tasks. That’s the Taco Tough Towing promise.

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